Ulan-Ude, Republic of Buryatia

The masterpieces of the Hermitage will be exhibited at the International Buddhist Forum in Buryatia

Buddhist architectural ornaments from the Hermitage will be exhibited in Buryatia for the first time as a part of the II International Buddhist Forum "Traditional Buddhism and Challenges of Modernity", which will be held in Ulan-Ude from August 12 to 14.
– The territory of Buryatia in the XIII century was where Genghis Khan created a city called Kondui and had a khan's palace built, which was richly decorated. We will bring the architectural ornaments that have survived to this day and are stored in the funds of the State Hermitage Museum to Buryatia and exhibit them here for the first time. "I think it will be very interesting", Irina Dorzhieva, Deputy Chief of Information Policy, Public Relations and Public Projects Chief Executive and Government Administration in the Republic of Buryatia said at a press conference of Russia Today international media group.

In 1891, Tsarevich Nicholas II visited Buryatia, where he received many gifts made by Buryat craftsmen: Buddhist silver sculptures, altar decorations and other valuables. They will also be exhibited at the forum in Buryatia for the first time.

In addition, the exhibition at the forum will display a cast-iron sculpture of the Buddha of Longevity, made at the Petrovsky Factory, publications by the Institute of Mongolian Studies, Buddhology and Tibetology of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Atlas of Tibetan Medicine.

The first International Buddhist Forum "Traditional Buddhism and the Challenges of Modernity" was held in Buryatia on August 17-19, 2023. It brought together more than 600 representatives of various governmental, scientific and educational institutions, religious organizations and associations, including participants from 13 foreign countries – China, India, Nepal, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Czech Republic, Laos, Bhutan, Cambodia and the Republic of Belarus.

The forum is organized by the Government of the Republic of Buryatia, the Foundation for the Promotion of Buddhist Education and Research, the Buddhist Traditional Sangha of Russia with the support of the President of Russia, the Government of Russia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Russia.