The First International Buddhist Forum will be held in Buryatia in August 2023

The First Buddhist International Forum "Traditional Buddhism and Modern Challenges" will be held in the Republic of Buryatia between August 17 and 19, 2023. The Forum will bring together leaders of the international Buddhist community, prominent scholars, government officials, and public figures from Buddhist countries and regions of Russia.

The purpose of the International Buddhist Forum is to discuss the global challenges of modernity and to offer the answers that Buddhism gives as one of the world's leading religions. The discussion will feature the topic of development of Buddhism in Russia and the Republic of Buryatia, the preservation of Buddhist culture, philosophy and practice, as well as the creation of a new relevant platform for international dialogue. The Forum focuses on the developing scholarly, educational, and cultural cooperation between countries where Buddhism is a traditional religion, and between the Buddhist organizations of different parts of the world. Special attention at the Forum will be focused on the development of Buddhist education, international cooperation between universities and scholars, interfaith dialogue, security issues, and youth education.

The Forum is organized by the Buddhist Traditional Sangha of Russia, the Foundation for the Support of Buddhist Education, and Research and the Government of the Republic of Buryatia.

The second day of the Forum will be held at Ivolginsky datsan, the largest monastery complex in Russia, and will be devoted to the study of the phenomenon of the XII Pandito Hambo Lama Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov – an outstanding Buddhist practitioner who preserved a special state of the body after going into meditation.

– There is a reason why the First International Buddhist Forum is held in Buryatia. Buddhism in Russia began its development here, and our Great Teacher – Pandito Hambo Lama Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov – resides here. His feat of preserving his Precious Inexhaustible Body is a great achievement in Buddhist practice and an example for all of us. We will devote one of the days of the Forum entirely to Hambo Lama Itigilov, and will discuss the teachings that we receive from him every day, said the XXIV Pandito Hambo Lama of the Buddhist Traditional Sangha of Russia Damba Ayusheev.

– Buryatia initiated the International Forum because it has valuable knowledge and experience, all the necessary basis for in-depth discussion of issues of Buddhism and Buddhism Studies. We hope that the First International Buddhist Forum held in Buryatia will become an important point of attraction for the entire global Buddhist community. Forum participants will be able to get acquainted with the rich history of Buddhism in Russia and to see the relics of the entire Buddhist world, which are carefully preserved in Buryatia, said the Head of Buryatia Aleksey Tsydenov.

– We discussed organizing such a Forum with the Head of the Buddhist Traditional Sangha of Russia, with the Government of Buryatia, last year when I came to visit the Republic of Buryatia. The need to hold it has been overdue for a long time – the world does not stand still, and so do the practices of Buddhist priests, masters, and doctors. They have something to offer to this world, because representatives of Buddhism have long created new forms of versification, painting, medical practices, and teachings, says Alexey Maslov, President of the Foundation for the Support of Buddhist Education and Research.

Public figures, Buddhist religious figures, and scholars from 14 countries practicing Buddhism were invited to participate in the Forum in Ulan-Ude, the capital of the republic, including such countries as Mongolia, Nepal, India, China, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, Laos, Korea, Japan, and the US. The Forum will also be attended by representatives of scholarly and religious communities of the Russian republics of Kalmykia, Tyva, Altai, Transbaikalia, and Irkutsk Region, as well as representatives of the Russian federal government.

Forum registration is made available at the official website ,for participation in the Forum, you can also ask questions by phone +7-301-221-1965, +7-301-222-1347.

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