Memo on personal prevention of tick-borne infections

The territory of the Republic of Buryatia is endemic for tick-borne infections, including tick-borne viral encephalitis. A specific measure for the prevention of tick-borne viral encephalitis is vaccination, which should be carried out no later than 2 weeks before going to natural areas.

Other measures for the prevention of tick-borne infections include:

- the use of repellents;

- the use of clothing that helps a quick detection of the tick and prevents its penetration and suction (plain, of light shades, covering most of the body, having long sleeves with cuffs; wearing hats and hoods);

- conducting self- and mutual examinations for ticks sucking on the skin and crawling on clothes (the most common spots for their suction are: scalp, especially behind the ears; armpits, groin area, behind the knees;

- if an attached tick is detected, seek medical help immediately.